Item number 46325

Posted by AHSS

on 12/11/2019

Dear Members,

It is with pleasure that I announce that the Government have reclassified the following item numbers from Joint replacement List to Common Treatments List.

As a result these cases are now covered by all levels of insurance above Basic. It is important that we however do not confuse things as the descriptors will change a little once the new schedule is adopted by the Government.

Please use 46325 ONLY for suspensionplasty and use 46324 ONLY for CMC replacement arthroplasty. 50127 will disappear once the new schedule is adopted.

We still have some work to do with 46307 Volar plate arthroplasty and 46306 IP/MP Soft Tissue Arthroplasty however as they have already understood the more complex issues with 46325 this should be easy.

These changes accur after 1st Nov 2019.


Tony Berger
Secretary General APFSSH
Convenor APFSSH2020