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A) Trauma

1. Fracture fixation:
Phalangeal and metacarpal:
Other carpal:
Distal radius:
2. Dislocations / instabilities:
Surgical reconstruction:
3. Flexor tendon:
Actute repair:
4. Extensor tendon:
Actute repair:
5. Skin:
Skin graft:
Local flaps:
Regional flaps:
Distant flaps:
Free tissue transfer:
Nail bed injuries:
6. Nerve:
Primary repair - digital:
Secondary reconstruction:
7. Brachial plexus surgery - trunk:
8. Vessel repair or reconstruction:
9. Replantation:
10. Multiple Injuries*:

* Multiple injuries include any 3 of bone, tendon, nerve, vessel, skin reconstruction
If 2 structures are repaired, document twice under appropriate heading.
If 3 structures are repaired, document under "multiple injuries".

B) Elective

1. Rheumatoid procedures:
2. Degenerative OA:
Inf RUJ:
Wrist and carpus:
Fingers & thumb:
3. Arthroscopic procedures:
Wrist, Inf RUJ, carpometacarpal:
4. Carpal instabilities:
Surgical reconstruction:
5. Tumors:
6. CTS:
7. Cubital tunnel syndrome:
8. Other nerve compression:
9. Tendon transfers:
10. Congenital:
11. Tetraplagia:
12. Spastic deformity:

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